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Celebration of Place: Each orchard has its own distinct terroir, which we honour by crafting 100% pure juice ciders that express the unique characteristics of the land, soil, and climate found in this small corner of Yorkshire.


Orchard Management for Nature: Our orchards are not just sources of fruit, but vibrant ecosystems that support diverse flora and fauna. We manage our orchards in harmony with nature, promoting biodiversity and ecological resilience.


Embrace Wild Fermentation: We believe in allowing nature to guide our fermentation process, harnessing the wild yeasts present in our orchards to create unique and flavourful ciders.


Living Product: Our ciders are living, evolving creations that continue to develop in the bottle. We respect the natural processes of fermentation and aging, allowing our ciders to mature and evolve over time.


Guide, Not Master: As cidermakers, we see ourselves as stewards of the process rather than masters. We guide the fermentation and aging process, but ultimately defer to the wisdom of nature and the inherent qualities of the apples.


Prioritize Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainability drives every aspect of our operations, from orchard management to packaging materials. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels at every turn.


Community Engagement: We strive to foster a sense of community around our ciders, inviting people to connect with the land, the orchards, and the cidermaking process. Through events, tastings, and education, we aim to cultivate a deeper appreciation for cider and the natural world.


Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continually learning and evolving, seeking out new ways to enhance sustainability, quality, and the expression of terroir in our ciders. We approach cidermaking as a journey of discovery and innovation, always striving to improve and refine our craft.


We aim to minimise the use of plastic in our operations and supply chains

We use glass bottles with a high recycled content

Our bottles are packaged straight into cardboard with no plastic wrapping

All our disposable tasting and drinking cups are plant-based and compostable


100% of the energy we use comes from renewable sources

Our cider shed is unheated and lit with low-energy LED bulbs

We have a couple of vintage tractors for working in the orchard, powered by diesel, but used only when necessary

We have a small number of electric machines used to mill the apples (2.2kW), press the pulp (1.5kW), label our bottles and pump cider around the shed


There are very few waste products from the cider making process and we re-use as much as possible


All of our left over apple pulp goes to feed local livestock or to mulch the trees in the orchard

Non-chemical waste water is used to irrigate plants and trees around the orchard and garden

Prunings from our trees are left on the ground to feed the animals and the soil

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Winner: Sandford Orchards Breakthrough Cider Maker Competition 2020/21

Winner: Yorkshire Life Food and Drink Awards 2019

Silver: Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition 2017

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